IEEE and MAC Addresses #1

CSC recently received a letter from Anita Ricketts at IEEE :

5 November 1998

Mr. Robert Reimiller
Certified Software Corporation
P.O. Box 540
McIntosh, NM 87032

Dear Mr. Reimiller:

We have recently been made aware of Certified Software's offer to sell small blocks of MAC addresses using IEEE's OUI/company_id. As you are aware, the OUI/company_id was provided to you by the IEEE Registration Authority for your use on products manufactured by you. The resale of the numbers is not authorized under your agreement with the IEEE. The sale of numbers creates another "registration" authority which defeats the purpose of the IEEE registration.

Accordingly, we must ask that you discontinue your unauthorized resale of the IEEE OUI's. Please advise us immediately that you accede to this request to avoid any legal actions.


Anita Ricketts
Program Manager
IEEE Registration Authority

cc: T. Wettach

Response to this Letter
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