IEEE and MAC Addresses #4

CSC's response to IEEE's Second Letter

30 November 1998

Anita Ricketts
Program Manager
IEEE Registration Authority

Regarding your letter of 20 November 1998.

Dear Ms. Ricketts:

  1. "We have reviewed your response and disagree with the premise of your position." No surprise there.
  2. "As I am sure you appreciate, we do not provide a list of things you cannot do". Maybe you should in order to be less misleading in your marketing of these numbers.
  3. "Our agreement authorizes you to use the OUI with your product, They are not authorized for resale" As I pointed out before, no such agreement exists since this limitation was not disclosed prior to purchase.
  4. "We are prepared to refund your money and take back the OUI assigned to you." I have notified my credit card company that the merchandise was misrepresented and the charge is being refused, please issue a credit in a timeley manner.
I'll leave these pages up on the web as a warning to others to not fall into the same trap as I did.


Robert Reimiller
Certified Software Corporation