Medical Billing Fraud

The American Medical Industry is well known for billing fraud. I thought it might be interesting to keep a record of my experiences.

Cascade Medical Imaging and St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon. I sent out five requests for quotation for a chest CT scan and reading. One of the three that responded was St. Charles Medical Center. "Tiffany" quoted $337.50 for the CT scan and $142.25 for the reading, totalling $477.75, however, I was billed for $560.25.

They claim that the $477.75 was only for the CT scan, not the total, and since that's not very believable they then claim that what I received was an "estimate", even they responded to a request for quotation. In fact, in their response to my inquiry they sent a copy of their "estimate" that clearly shows $140.25 for the reading and $337.50 for the CT scan. At some point they crossed out the $337.50 and drew an arrow to a new amount of $477.75.

Something interesting, $477.75 + $140.25 doesn't add up to $560.25, so none of their claims are plausible.

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Portland Oregon. I received an invoice for $443.00 for my consultation with Dr. Craig Nichols on April 7th. However, since I lack an insurance policy for them to drain, they required that I pay before the consultation, which I did by credit card.

Update on fraud by Cascade Medical Imaging. It turns out that the $560.25 didn't even include the reading. That was separately billed by C.O. Radiology Associates for $140.25. So this essentially means that the $337.50 originally quoted for the scan is now $560.25, a 66% overcharge. Unfortunately I've already paid the scum at Cascade Medical Imaging and I can't afford to piss off C.O. Radiology Associates (they do the reading for my chest X-rays taken at the local hospital) so I'm just screwed. All I can really do is bitch about it. Maybe sometime someone will be googling and find this and stay clear of those dishonest bastards.